Andys' BBQ August 2010


BBQ for BUGSters. There'd be meat, a case of beer, wifi internet access (via ADSL2), and whatever else anyone can bring along.


Andys' place, in the southern Sydney suburb of Miranda in the Sutherland Shire: known affectionately as The Shire™, delivering infamous beaches, iconic waterways, rich bushland and memorable experiences.


The BBQ will be on 7th August starting from 12pm.

How to get there

Talk to Andys on IRC for the address and directions.


unixhag and her chariot

Peter Jeremy & Jashank (probably)

Mavvie, with Steelheads and an iPhone app to remote control chariots via BlueTooth (Peter, Darius, do your part of the job!)

juha & uridium will be attending

john :-(

callum { willingness = 1; probability = 0.75; }

bwright (thinks he can make it)


Andrew Sinclair will be attending; this is his birthday

Peter from the South

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