BUGS Administration

As a general principal, BUGS infrastructure should not be reliant on a single person. The website will be a Wiki that will allow all members to edit it.

Previous hosts

  • Sue Blake - web and email hosting with welearn.com.au
  • Greg Black - DNS secondary
  • Edwin Groothuis - mailing list
  • Sam Lawrance - web hosting
  • John Marshall - DNS hosting

Thank you all for your services.


The primary domain for BUGS is bugs.au.freebsd.org and is managed by the FreeBSD project.

In order to make any changes to DNS, we must contact the DNS admin for freebsd.org who is is currently hostmaster@freebsd.org. You can check the current admin at any time by doing host -t soa freebsd.org and examining the third phrase after “SOA”.

There have been proposals that BUGS move to a new domain under .org or .org.au (suitable names are currently available) but no agreement has been reached that this would be beneficial.

Web server

The BUGS web server is hosted on vtr.rulingia.com, which is a FreeBSD VPS hosted on Vultr. The BUGS website is an Apache virtual server accessible at any of http://bugs.au.freebsd.org/, https://bugs.au.freebsd.org/, http://www.bugs.au.freebsd.org/ or https://www.bugs.au.freebsd.org/. The SSL certificate is provided by Let's Encrypt. Note that your browser needs to support SNI to use SSL (so if you're still using MSIE6.5, you're out of luck). The VPS is owned by Peter Jeremy.

More detail on the current configuration can be found here.

Mailing list

On 8th October 2007, the mailing list was returned to its permanent address at bugs@bugs.au.freebsd.org. The archive can be found at https://www.rulingia.com/pipermail/bugs/. To subscribe send an email to bugs-subscribe@bugs.au.freebsd.org. If this doesn't work, contact us on IRC. The mailing list is managed by Peter Jeremy.

It had been previously temporarily being hosted by Sue Blake at http://can.welearn.com.au/mailman/listinfo/bugs and Edwin Groothuis at http://mailman.barnet.com.au/pipermail/bugs/.


BUGS does not currently maintain its own IRC server, although the option has been discussed in the past.

We inhabit #bugs on irc.oz.org and irc.austnet.org. peter, callum, chuzz, juha, pez and groogle are administrators.

A second #bugs channel is available on freenode, though it is mostly idle. #bugs ##bugs

We also setup a #bugs channel on OFTC (irc.oftc.net) to test the waters and as a backup. That network is properly maintained so we have a fully registered channel with op rights.

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