Past meetings

Date Sunday, 21st August 2011
Location Andys' place, Miranda
What Hang around and be geeks
Attendees Andrew Snow, Peter Jeremy, Callum Gibson, Edwin Groothius (plus Naomi, Dirk and Hanorah briefly), Ben Wright, Matti Kupiainen
Date Saturday, 7 August 2010.
Location Andys' place, Miranda
What Barbecue, computers, chariots
Attendees Sue Blake, Alastair Boyanich, Callum Gibson, Edwin and Dirk Groothius (Naomi and Hanorah late shows), Jashank Jeremy, Peter Jeremy, Matti Kupiainen, Jonathan Michaels, Peter Ross, Regan Russell, Andrew Snow, Ben Wright
Photos juha's photos
Date Saturday, 17 April 2010.
Location GrOOgle's place
What Barbecue, horses, beer, photography, satellite outages.
Attendees Sue Blake, Edwin Groothius, Jashank Jeremy, Peter Jeremy, Matti Kupiainen, Callum Gibson and Mongolian Hordes, Lawrance Stewart and mate Warren, Peter Ross, Chris and David Yeardley, Gr0Ogle and Yvonne.
Photos official site
Date Saturday, 18th April, 2009. Turn up when you like, lunch at 1pm.
Location Sam's place
What Food, wine, beer, chitchat.
What Else Sleeping space is available for those who wish to split the trip.
Attendees Edwin Groothius, Jashank Jeremy, Peter Jeremy, Matti Kupiainen, Sam Lawrance, Jonathan Michaels, Andrew Sinclair, Ben Wright, Michael ?? and son, Brad ??
Photos Jashank's pics matti's pics
Date Saturday, 1st November, 2008. Starting around midday, finishing up when everybody gets bored!
Location Peter's place, 27 Lanford Ave, Killarney Heights, NSW.
What Celebrate 15th Anniversary of FreeBSD 1.0, fun times, internet, etc.
What Else Andys - ZFS
lawrance - FreeBSD on the Aspire One
Mavvie - flying to the US
john - PGP Key-Signing Party
Others - open to suggestions
Attendees Alastair Boyanich, Callum Gibson, Jashank Jeremy, Peter Jeremy, Matti Kupiainen, Sam Lawrance, John Marshall, Jonathan Michaels, Andrew Sinclair, Andrew Snow
Photos matti's pics syncman0x's pics
Date Saturday, 1st March, 2008. 11am - till late
Location Matti's place
What bbq lunch, fun times, wireless internet, etc.
What Else open discussion
Attendees Matti Kupiainen, Sam Lawrance, Edwin Groothius, Peter Jeremy, Jashank Jeremy, John Marshall, Alastair Hogge
Photos matti's pics
Date 5 January 2008.
Location groggy's place @ Dereel, Victoria - approximately 100km west of Melbourne (google maps).
What else Bonus wedding included!
For details
Attendees Matti Kupiainen, Sam Lawrance, Edwin Groothius, Greg Lehey
Photos groggy's pics groggy's pics matti's pics
Date 16th September 2007. 11am start.
Location Edwin's place @ 159 Caringbah Rd, Caringbah. google maps.
What Company, lunch, nibblies, dinner.
Attendees Matti Kupiainen, Jonathan Michaels, Sam Lawrance, Glenn Mawby, Edwin, Naomi, and Dirk
Date Saturday, 23 June 2007. Midday-ish.
Location Sam's place @ 280 Old North Road, Pokolbin. google maps
What Lunch
Attendees Sam Lawrance, Matti Kupiainen, Jonathan Michaels, Peter Jeremy, Jashank Jeremy, Edwin Groothuis
Date Saturday, 9 September 2006. 1pm
Location Belrose Bowling Club @ 146 Forest Way, Belrose
What Lunch and some informal presentations
Attendees Callum Gibson, Peter Jeremy, Jashank Jeremy, Matti Kupiainen, Sam Lawrance, Bart Lindsay, Jonathan Michaels, Andrew Sinclair
Date Thursday, 30 March 2006. 6.30pm
Location PJ O'Brien's @ 57 King St, Sydney
What Drinks & dinner, George Neville-Neil ( over from Japan attending
Attendees Sue Blake, Gavin Cooper, Vini Engel, Bruce Evans, Matti Kupiainen, Sam Lawrance, Greg Lehey, Jonathan Michaels, George Neville-Neil, Rob Byrnes
Apologies Edwin Groothuis
Date Sunday, 29 January 2006.
Location Patrick Kelso's place @ Tempe
What BBQ
Attendees Patrick Kelso (host), Matti Kupiainen, Sam Lawrance, Andrew Sinclair, Andrew Reilly
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